Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Discussions with my Daughter... So, the green hair...

Sweet baby girl, if you (or anyone) would have told me that one day my beautiful daughter would want her hair dyed emerald green at 14 I would have laughed and rolled my eyes at you (them). If you would have told me that I would be fully supportive and help keep the color vibrant I would have peed my pants from laughing at the very idea.

That’s, honestly, the difference in what you have in your mind for what life will be and what life actually is. When these moments happen, even when they take you off guard, you view them differently. In all fairness, everyone we know has been saying “I could never let my daughter…” but not a single one of them are in our shoes so it’s impossible to truly say what one would do until the moment arrives.

I’ll admit, the request for emerald green hair took me off guard – well, green with a hint of blue hair but as you showed me images of the cut, style, and color you wanted and we searched together for other examples your excitement was contagious and I was on board. This really takes embracing your inner Slytherin and Ravenclaw to a new level, maybe if I read the books I’d understand more, right? 😉

As excited as you were, it’s one thing to see it in pictures on someone else and another to actually do it and walk around with it but you were set and I was prepared to stand by your side. You’re a lot like me in that way 😊

It took some trial and error to get to the dark emerald green that you had wanted but when we were able to accomplish it you radiated. It was the happiest I had seen you in awhile and I loved it. Your smile took over your entire face and I knew I needed to do my part of being sure I had everything on hand to keep your color vibrant.

We called this shade "highlighter"... it only lasted as long as it took to pick Parker up from practice ;-)

Attempt 1 to darken the blue tips at the bottom and the green

We truly bonded over this time :-)

Meh. Better but not what we were hoping for.

Adding more blue to the green to deepen the shade... 

We may have had some fun with this...

Ok, a lot of fun ;-)

Significantly better but still not perfect...

However, it brought out this amazing simle and look at those blue eyes!

This color stayed for awhile, it was the first I really saw you beaming!

And, I must say, I’ve never seen green hair look so amazing on someone – very much complimenting your skin, your eyes and bringing out your personality. It was really something special to see.
It’s safe to say, “we” were happy.

Never ending smiles... melting my heart!

Others, meh, not so much. Here’s the thing, you weren’t doing this to be rebellious. You were not going to do it without our support. You were doing it for you, to express who you are and your love for something important to you. The rest of the world didn’t need to understand, only you did.
Your grades are great, you are the most amazing little big sister ever, you are very much the perfect daughter. If the only thing you ask for in return is green hair, yeah, I’m fine with that.

Smarty pants :-)
But they were missing it, those who could not see past the color. They were missing the most important part of this amazing emerald green and blue hair… the incredible confidence that came with it.

You held your head high and walked into the middle school for the last week of school. Holy crap kid, this scared me to death. Sending you to school with plain ol’ everyday hair worried me but to send you into the depths of hell (isn’t that what middle school is?) with green hair really frightened me. But you rocked it. Completely and totally rocked it.

Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to leave the house, let alone walk into middle school with green hair but it transformed you, letting you shine. I loved seeing this confidence and yes, pride. Pride in being yourself, in being different, in being unique, in being able to express yourself…I just can’t say enough how amazing that was for me to see or how proud I am of you.

The green brought out this incredible confidence that you keep tucked inside, that you don’t need green hair to let loose but it’s what it took and I was amazed. So, I did my part to keep the color vibrant, awesome conditioner that left your hair with this great mint smell and incredible feel and the weekly treatment – I fell in love with the products and would’ve happily tried any color for you but you only wanted the green and blue so we stayed with that. Most of all, I loved this time we had together, just me and you - talking, bonding and laughing. I love re-color day!

Once again, a bit darker - we loved this shade!

Seriously, this smile each time we'd touch up the color - gah, I love it!

These moments are the best!

I know the green is not the forever color of your hair. I know that in order to get the new cut you want, you had to compromise with your dad on the color and that’s ok because we were given a peak inside of you to something truly beautiful, more gorgeous than the emerald green hair… your confidence. And now that we know it’s there, the color of the hair is secondary because you know it’s there too.

I know the adventures of your hair will continue, through this journey you will find yourself and express yourself in a beautiful way. I hope with each new step your confidence in who you are continues to shine through and grow because you are the most amazing and beautiful soul I have ever met. Your compassion, kindness, intelligence, and humor are as striking as your outward beauty and I love so much that you balance them.

I can’t wait to see where your hair journey goes next but also know, I’ll secretly miss the emerald green.

Also, a huge shout out to Crystal for the amazing cut and getting the color started and to the makers of oVertone, the colors are amazing, the product is outstanding and you truly made this experience much easier! Learn more about oVertone hair color at https://overtone.co/ 

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