Friday, August 31, 2018

Only for Melissa... Water, anyone? #Mionster

Sometimes, things happen by choice – sometimes it’s a matter of life or death. For me, drinking water was life or death.

Ok, not really but it felt like it at the moment and what it led to is truly impressive (for me).

Back in July while the Welins and I were at Niagara Falls, we did a lot of walking and after about 7 miles, we decided to head back for the car to change clothes and grab a drink. Only, here was the thing – I didn’t have a drink. They all had water bottles and I, well, I had not thought that far ahead when we left that morning.

Completely parched and somewhat certain I was going to pass out from dehydration, Melissa handed me her water bottle and told me to take a drink. I hesitated. I do not like water. I never have. My mom will even tell you – even as a baby, I refused water. I seriously do not like it. When I struggled with my eating issues, I would drink water in order to make myself throw up. I am not kidding when I say I do not like water.

I also didn’t want to pass out. She said, “It has pomegranate flavoring.” like that would make it better. I am not sure how I looked at her but in my head, I was sure she had forgotten everything about her best friend, especially how picky I am and “pomegranate” is not part of my world.

She held it out, clearly knowing I was on the verge of death and I took it and, like I would bravely do almost anything for her (it’s BFF code or something), I guzzled it down. And… I liked it, but really, I was going to pass out if I didn't drink it so, of course, I liked it, right?

We finished our amazing day at Niagara Falls and headed back to Mass for a couple of days of bonding which included a day of picture taking, sightseeing, and more walking. Before we left that morning, I asked if I could have a water bottle too. They love me, so of course, they said yes and Eric squeezed in the right amount of pomegranate flavoring for me.  

This was a real test. I wasn’t dying. I was choosing to drink the flavored water on my own, just to see if I actually liked it or not and very, very surprisingly, I did. And that was a game changer for me.

When I returned home, I went to the store to get a Contigo water bottle like the ones the Welins had and then made my way to the water flavoring to find me some Mio to pick up some Berry-Pomegranate and discovered there were so, so, so many more flavors! So I grabbed a couple that sounded Holly friendly and came home with a goal.

It was a mind-blowing goal.

It sounds like an impossible goal. (are there any other kind of goals?)

I decided, without telling anyone, that I was going to give up all beverages except water and (Oh yes, there is an and) AND drink at least 100 oz a day for 1 month.

So, the girl who loves her milk, orange juice, and Sprite and barely drank more than 30 oz a day on a very good day, just committed to giving it all up and adding 70 oz of fluids. 

I’m happy to say that I’ve been mostly successful. I’ve easily reached and exceeded my 100 oz a day. I have found sooooo many flavors of Mio that I love! I’ve even had plain, unflavored ice water when I am out to eat or at the movies. It’s safe to say, Melissa created a Mio-nster!

Yes, I have my flavors labeled. Yes, they go back 4 - 5 deep. Yes, you do see Berry Pomegranate. 

There were a couple of days I had a swig of milk and I had a Mike’s Hard something drink at a wedding but I’m still calling it a success!

I had hoped it would help with my weight. I drink 40 oz to start my day (Orange-Tangerine) before I have anything to eat. I’ve been way better about what I eat, although I was already following what I eat very closely through my Weight Watchers App. It has made it harder to get in enough points each day. I’ve increased my steps on my fit bit and at the end of my 31 days, lost 7 pounds. I was seriously expecting more  - and it briefly was – I had lost 10 but managed to gain 3 back. *eye roll*.

Here is the biggest thing I’ve learned this month, besides I really love my Mio, there is a difference in when you have to pee from drinking random fluids and when you drink water. When you drink water and you have to pee, you have to pee immediately. Not in a couple of minutes. Not in an hour or two. Not when you feel like it but immediately. As in, pray you make it to the bathroom and get your pants down before your body painfully says “nope, I meant NOW.” I have gone to the bathroom more this month than I have in my entire 44 years of life. Pretty sure of that.

While I had some higher hopes for the outcome (perfect skin, awesome weight loss, more energy), I think the best outcome is I have a new habit and it's a healthy one.  I am loving my Mio water, it’s become part of who I am. I love my Contigo bottles and am not sure how I lived without either now.

It’s been a good change, worth the near-death experience to discover πŸ˜‰

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