Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Because Someone has to get struck by lightening...

I've never played the lottery, well, not that I remember anyway.  I may have bought a ticket once years ago but I really don't remember - so we are going to go with I don't.
I'm not a gambler, I'm not a fan of wasting money and let's face it - I'm not going to win.

Tonight though, the PowerBall (I think that's what it's called) is worth $550 million dollars (I only know this because I have a Yahoo News tab pulled up linking me to an article about it) and I've read all of the silly comparisons about your odds of winning (apparently my odds of winning are as good as me getting struck by lightening while being attacked by a gorilla while swimming with sharks) but I couldn't resist.  I had to buy one.

So I went to Eastside Liquors (ok, I needed a bottle of wine too) for my powerball ticket.  As I was standing in line with my bottle of Serena the "gentleman" in front of me was complaining to the wonderful lady at the register about how stupid people are to buy the tickets, how long the lines are for such stupidity and on and on ending with "everyone thinks they will be lucky enough to get struck by lightening". I said nothing until it was my turn to pay.

As he stepped away and I stepped up to the counter I said, "Someone has to get struck by lightening, it might as well be me."  The guy stopped before he reached the door and looked at me.  I looked at the lady behind the counter and said, "I've never played, I'm not sure how so I'll need some help.  I'm sure I won't win, I understand the odds but if I don't at least try - I'll never know."  She asked me if I wanted to pick my own numbers and I said no (although with hindsight, I wish I would have and I would've used the numbers 4, 17, 99, 2, 74 and powerball of 21 - I'm not even sure if that's enough numbers) she said they were $2 a piece, so I asked for $4 worth.

The guy behind me said that he had spent the day online searching for islands for sale and this would be used to purchase an island away for he and his wife.  I smiled nicely and debated if I'd say more or just walk away.  I'm not so good with that whole tongue biting thing so I said, "That sounds beautiful and I do hope you get the island.  If I am lucky enough to get struck by lightening (the first guy was still standing there) my plans are a bit different.  I am the mom of two children with special needs.  They have Fragile X Syndrome and that money... that money could fund so much research, provide so much education and so much awareness - it would be life changing for my children and millions of others living with a Fragile X related disorder.  Yes, I'd pay off bills, share with my family, spoil my friends and spend some frivolously (I'm not a Saint or perfect) but I would donate.  I would give back. I would do everything I could, with as much as I could to make a difference and provide a solid future for my children.  That's what I'd do if I were struck by lightening.  I hope you do enjoy your island, that is your dream and it is beautiful, I do hope you give back too."

He smiled at me, told me what  a great heart I had and promised me he would.

The lightening strike gentleman shook his head as I paid for my tickets (and wine) and opened the door for me as I started to walk out.  I told him thank you and to have a good night.  He said, He would, after he went back for his attempt to get struck by lightening.... I smiled as he finished the sentence with "and I promise to donate some back."

Should you be fortunate enough to have played the Powerball Lottery tonight and happen to be the one (or ones) to get struck by lightening while being attacked by a grizzly bear while swimming with sharks... please do your part to give back too.

And... enjoy your island :-)

Oh - and if you'd like to donate to the National Fragile X Foundation, you can follow their link or donate to the Crowdrise link on my page and support Team Fragile X.

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